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4 Easy Swaps to Lower Your Sugar Intake Today

Cutting down your sugar intake doesn’t have to mean a complete diet overhaul! 

From straight sugar swaps in your favourite recipes to sugar-free snack hacks, there are some simple things you can try TODAY that could make a huge difference to your health, without compromising your lifestyle. 

  • SWAP: Straight up sugar for Lakanto’s Classic 1:1 Sugar Substitute

  • Love to cook? A natural sweetener containing a balance of monk fruit – hailing from the pristine mountain highlands of Asia – and the sugar alcohol erythritol, Lakanto’s Classic 1:1 Sugar Substitute can be directly subbed in for the sweet stuff in all your favourite recipes – from sweet treats and snacks to tasty homemade sauces and drinks. Yep, it’s really that easy!

    With zero net carbs, zero glycaemic index and only 1.1 calories per 4g serve, who said spending time in the kitchen wasn’t sweet without sugar? 

  • SWAP: Dried fruit for fresh fruit

  • While fruit is generally naturally higher in sugar that other wholefoods, nature craftily packages it up with fibre, water and other important nutrients so it’s hard to overindulge. 

    When fruit is dried it strips the water out (leaving the sugar behind), so you can end up eating a lot more that you usually would in one sitting. Just picture what a handful of dried apricots would look like pre-wrinkles; would you really gorge on THAT many in one go? 

    Skip the packet of dates and opt for a whole fresh piece of fruit instead. It’s basically nature’s candy!

  • SWAP: Soft drink for sparkling water with lemon

  • There’s no two ways about it – classic soft drinks are FULL of sugar. And with nothing but water and random additives to cushion the digestive process, that sugar hit overwhelms your system all in one go.

    Trust us, sparkling water with fresh lemon or lime is SO much more refreshing than Solo, and much better for your health. If you need us to sweeten the deal, add a teaspoon or two of Lakanto’s Classic 1:1 Sugar Substitute to your glass. Instant lemonade!

  • SWAP: Low fat yoghurt for Greek yoghurt with cinnamon 

  • If you think you’re opting for the healthy option by choosing low-fat yoghurt over the full-fat stuff, we have some bad news. Most low-fat yoghurts (and particularly those flavoured with fruit) just replace the fat with sugar to, you know, make the stuff semi-palatable. 

    You’re so much better choosing an un-mucked with full-fat or Greek style yoghurt, having a smaller portion size (fat is much more energy dense so you won/t need as much anyway), and sweetening the whole thing up with some fresh fruit and or a pinch of cinnamon. 

    Bonus hack? You could whip up a batch of our Lakanto-sweetened Wild Berry Compote, which will store in the fridge for up to two months. Breakfast AND dessert options sorted! 


    What are you favourite sugar swaps? Let us know below.


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