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Our classic has more of a clean crisp sweetness while our golden has more of a sweet maple flavour and smell. Our classic is like white sugar, and the golden is like brown sugar.

Both do contain the same ingredients (Monk fruit and Erythritol) but they contain different monk fruit extracts. The Golden sweetener is extracted from the seeds and the skin of the monk fruit, which gives it a more sweet maple flavour and smell. The Classic sweetener is extracted from the pulp of the monk fruit, which gives it a more crisp sweetness.

Everything else about the sweetener is the same, same nutritionals and sweetness profile. The difference between the sweeteners comes from which part of the monk fruit they originate. The Classic (white) sweetener is extracted from the white pulp. The Golden (brown) sweetener is extracted from the seed and peel of the monk fruit. These sweeteners possess the same nutritional content. They do differ in flavour comparable to white and brown sugar. The texture of the Golden is drier than brown sugar — it is not moist.

Nutritional Facts

It is often difficult to understand what is being said on a nutritional. It's not different when it come to figuring out net carbs. Dietary fiber and sugar alcohol are counted in total carbs, but are not metabolised in the body. Therefore, to find the net carbs, subtract the grams of dietary fiber and sugar alcohol from the grams of total carbs.

In the case of the LAKANTO® powdered sweetener, the 4 grams of sugar alcohol are subtracted from the total amount which yields 0 grams net carbs — no calories and no glycemic impact.

The two natural ingredients in LAKANTO® are Non-GMO erythritol and the supersweet extract of the luo han guo fruit (monk fruit). This combination ​makes one of the best healthy natural sweetener discoveries of the century.

While we will not be able to provide our exact percentage ratio, as this is a proprietary formulation, please consider the following information:

Erythritol has sweetness strength of 60-70% of sugar.
Monk fruit is 250-300 time sweeter than sugar.

The Monk Fruit in LAKANTO®​ constitutes about 30-40% of the sweetness

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol naturally found in grapes, pears, mushrooms, soy sauce, cheese, wine and beer, so it and has been part of the human diet for thousands of years.

You may be familiar with other sugar alcohols like xylitol, sorbitol, and maltitol used in sugar-free candies and chewing gum. But erythritol is different and much better than these other sugar alcohols because it is fermented. Many people have trouble with foods sweetened with sugar alcohols. Diarrhea, gas, and bloating are common side effects of other sugar alcohols. But LAKANTO® does not cause diarrhea, gas and bloating because LAKANTO® sweetener is made by fermentation while the other sugar alcohols are made from hydrogenation.

The Erythritol in our LAKANTO® is:

Specially fermented from non-GMO corn that is safe for consumption
Naturally low calorie because your body excretes about 90% of it
The remaining 10% turns into harmless gases and short chains fatty acids in your large intestine. Don't worry, LAKANTO® will NOT cause embarrassing flatulence

Erythritol Safety

The erythritol used in our LAKANTO® Monkfruit Sweeteners is derived from Non-GMO corn and has the status of "Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) from the FDA and is widely used in many other countries.

After much toxicology and clinical studies, erythritol has been found to be safe for consumption as a sugar substitute, even when consumed on a daily basis and in high amounts.

If you would like to know more about Erythritol listed below is a link to an article posted on the US National Library of Medicine.

Erythritol is sweet, but when used alone in a product does not taste like sugar. Only when it was combined with the sweet-tasting and medicinal fruit luo han guo — in a unique patented process - we were ​able to create an amazing replica of sugar. The exotic luo han guo fruit grows high in the Chinese mountains, in the Guangxi province.

The Chinese have been using luo han guo fruit as a sweetener and natural remedy for years. They dry the fruit, which has a sweet toffee or caramel-like flavour, and use it in teas to ease fever, coughing and phlegm. They even use the tea for digestive troubles. In fact, the Chinese call luo han guo the "longevity fruit," because the people who live where it is cultivated often reach the ripe old age of 100!

Scientists have studied luo han guo and its health benefits extensively, and they've found that this rare fruit has amazing health properties:

· Anti-carcinogenic
· Regulate blood sugar
· Able to prevent and decrease oxidative stress related to diabetes
· Prevent tooth decay
· Anti-inflammatory
· Inhibit tumor growth
· Antioxidant
· Antihistaminic

The luo han guo fruit is naturally sweet. In fact, the special extract is 300 times sweeter than sucrose! Because luo han guo extract is sweet without affecting blood sugar, it is perfect for a healthy sugar substitute. Luo han guo extract in LAKANTO® has:

· Zero calories. Your body does not break down the unique chemical components of the fruit like other simple sugars and carbohydrates.
· Zero glycemic index. Because your body metabolises luo han guo differently, your blood glucose and insulin levels do not rise like they do with other sugars.
· Zero additives. LAKANTO® is made of the natural extract of the luo han guo fruit and erythritol.

Yes, LAKANTO®® is safe for people with corn intolerance, sensitivities or allergies because it contains no corn proteins that may trigger allergic reactions. 100% of corn protein is eliminated during the fermentation process used to create Erythritol.

No Wheat, No Dairy, No Egg, No Fish, No Gluten, No Peanuts, No Sesame, and No Soy are present in Lakanto products.

The following products have milk, eggs, fish, shellfish and soy present in the same manufacturing plant: Classic Monkfruit Sweetener, Golden Monkfruit Sweetener, Powdered Monkfruit Sweetener.

The following products have Soy present in the same manufacturing plant and is present in other products manufactured on the same line: Liquid Monkfruit Extracts.

Our vegetable fibers are sourced from both corn and tapioca. Neither are genetically modified. Our vegetable fibers are approved by the Non-GMO Verification Project.

By FDA standards, we are not Organic, but we choose ingredients that are pesticide free.

We use the following natural flavours: licorice, vanilla, and citrus. Our natural flavours are plant-based and all natural. Our exact formula is proprietary, but it doesn't contain MSG and is soy-free.

All of our Lakanto Monkfruit Sweeteners are certified non-GMO. The Non GMO symbol will be clearly visible on our products which are certified.


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