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7 low-sugar drinks that aren't water...

Don’t get us wrong, water is amazing for, you know, keeping us alive (and it should make up the base of your bevvie intake each day). But sometimes, we want a drink that’s a little more fun!

Unfortunately, a lot of the traditional or store bought soft drinks and juices are harbouring tonnes of the sweet stuff. So what can you drink that won’t send your blood sugar into free fall?

Presenting a few of our favourite low-sugar drink options that aren't plain ol’ water.

Herbal Tea

If you think you’re not a fan of herbal tea, you just haven’t found your flavour yet! Seriously, there are so many amazing herbal blends just waiting for you to try, many of which are naturally sweet on their own.

If you need a sweet hit without the sugar, try liquorice root, cinnamon, rooibos, chamomile or ginger tea.

Iced Tea

A hot cup of tea doesn’t sound particularly appealing if it’s 30 degrees out. Luckily, most herbal blends lend themselves nicely to be brewed, cooled and drank over ice.

We recommend brewing like you would regular tea for around 20 minutes, then allowing your brew to cool in the fridge. If you like a little extra sweetness, add a teaspoon or two of Lakanto’s Classic Monkfruit 1:1 Sugar Substitute

Try our Lakanto Iced Tea Recipe:


  • 6 Rooibos Tea Bags
  • 500ml Nearly Boiling water 
  • 3 tbs Lakanto Classic Sweetener
  • 500ml Cold Water 
  • 1 Blood Orange, sliced
  • Small bunch of Mint
  • 8-12 Cherries
  • Ice, to serve


  1. Heat the water in your kettle until the it is nearly boiling
  2. Place tea bags in a tea infuser / jug pour until the jug is half full (500ml). 
  3. Allow the tea to steep for 3-5 minutes. If you like it stronger use more tea bags.
  4. Add the Lakanto Classic Sweetener to taste. Add it whilst the tea is still hot and stir.
  5. Add in 500ml cold water to fill up the jug.  
  6. Let the tea cool down for at least 30 mins and place  it in the fridge to chill before serving. 
  7. When ready to serve, add in blood orange slices, fresh mint leaves, cherries and ice. 

Infused Water

Jazz up your water by adding slices of your fave fruit and veg – good ol’ fashioned lemon or lime do the trick quite nicely, but you can also try interesting duos like orange and rosemary, watermelon and mint or cucumber and raspberry. You’re really only limited by your imagination here!

Sparkling Water

Who says you need to be dining at a fancy restaurant to enjoy a glass of bubbles? Glass-bottled sparkling or (for the slightly more environmentally friendly option) Soda Streamed sparkling takes your water game from drab to fab in a simple spritz!  

Cucumber Mint Lemonade

Our naturally low-sugar lemonade replaces the sweet stuff with our Classic Monkfruit 1:1 Sugar Substitute, making for the perfect way to satisfy that soda craving.


Here’s the deal, while juice tends to strip the fibre from fruit and veggies leaving only sugar and water behind, smoothies keep your food whole, which is less of a hit to the system and has the added bonus of keeping you fuller for longer. 

Load your smoothie up with healthy fats like nut butter, avocado or a dash of coconut milk for a great meal-on-the-go option.

Here's some inspo! Try our Mango Smoothie Bowl , Super Smoothie for Kids, Immunity Winter Citrus Smoothie or our Choc Keto Almond Smoothie 


For the uninitiated, kombucha is essentially a fizzy fermented sweet tea packed with probiotics (your body’s good bacteria) that eat all the kombucha sugar. The end result is naturally low-sugar, lightly spritzed bevvie that’s also great for your gut health.

Though the original taste may not be for everyone, there are more and more kombuchas on the market now that are playing with cool flavours and tampering down the natural funkiness. You can also try making your own!