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Sugar-free Chocolate Treats (Just in time for the silly season!)

Think lowering your sugar intake means giving up all those chocolate treats? Think again.

In moderation, chocolate is pretty, well, awesome. And while store-bought choc is often full of the sweet stuff and other processed nasties, homemade chocolate treats can come practically sugar-free! Seriously! 

Give the Cadbury a miss and try these healthier (but still delicious) chocolate recipes using Lakanto Sugar Substitute. And just in time for the silly season, too.

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

Sometimes, you just need some good old-fashioned choc. Our sugar-free version contains just five pantry ingredients! It tastes amazingly sweet and chocolately all on its own or added to other chocolate recipes as needed.

Fudge Fat Bombs

These delicious bite-size choccy bombs are packed with healthy coconut and almond fats, which help keep you satisfied for longer. Store in the freezer so you always have a healthy snack on hand. 

Triple Chocolate Panacotta

Whip up this decadent (yet secretly guilt-free) dessert at your next celebration and have everyone asking for the recipe. It looks truly beautiful served in a clear glass and topped off with fresh berries. 

Caramel Slice

Did we say sugar-free caramel slice? We sure did! 

While the original recipe for this childhood favourite is packed with the sweet stuff, our version has all the decadent caramely-ness without the compromise on your health. Winner!