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Your sugar-free spring picnic sorted

Spring is officially in the air in the Southern Hemisphere, and summer is just around the corner! Yep, picnic season is officially upon us.

Between the easily portable packaged snacks and seemingly endless sugary desserts, picnics can be a bit of an unhealthy affair. Not so with these healthy, tasty, picnic-friendly ideas. 

Crack these out at your next outdoor affair and have all your friends asking for the recipe!

Quiche Lorraine

Every picnic needs a delicious centrepiece! Prep this heatlhy, tasty meal ahead of time (it will keep in the fridge for up to five days). 

Then just take along a serving knife and let everyone fend for themselves! You can easily omit the bacon if you’re picnicking with vegetarians. 

Low Carb Cucumber Mint Lemonade

Traditional lemonade recipes can be packed with sugar (and don’t get us started on the store-bought stuff!). 

But you can enjoy all the flavour without compromising your health by using our Classic Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener. Prep this one ahead of time and freeze for the perfect picnic-friendly beverage. 

Responsibly Sweet Chilli Sauce

A lot of people will tell you a picnic isn’t complete without a bit of BBQ. Unfortunately, store-bought sauces are often mostly just sugar and unidentifiable chemical crap.

Leave that stuff at home and get around this flavour-packed, low-carb, sugar-free alternative instead. 

Banana Bread

Low-carb and added sugar-free, this portable banana bread is the perfect picnic snack. It tastes amazing all on its own or warmed up post-picnic with a smattering of butter.

Sugar-Free Florentines

Dead easy to make and super delicious, perhaps not ALL of these sugar-free florentines will make it to the picnic! 

But as far tasty treats go, we don’t mind if you leave a couple extra at home to enjoy all on your own!